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PLEASE STOP TAKING THE LAXATIVES IMMEDIATELY!!! I had been taking laxatives for 5 years and just recently stopped and while I'm not fully recovered I am on my way there and woudl ike to give you some reassurance that it can happen with you.

I too had gone through what you had where I would sotp taking them for five days and then could not bare the discomfort and frustration no longer and woudl resort back to laxatives. The doctor's did even testing that resulted in contemplation on my part whether or not to remove my whole colon (this was doctor recommended by a few). Refusing to except this as my fate, I decided once and for all to take serious action. After numerous attempts at colon stimulation medicines prescribed by doctor's, medical massages, and natural remedies, I [removed] found a colon clenaser called Oxypowder. I took it for three days and realized I had been going so much that I decided to stop it. Ever since then, I've been drinking hot green tea in the morning and in the evening, drinking V8 during the day and trying to eat some type of vegetable (mostly spinach), and I've been going every day, sometimes twice a day. This has been going on for over a month now.

As I said before, I an nowhere near fully recovered, however, my bowels are slowly transgressing from laxative dependency to fully functioning on their own....

Please follow my advice. I was in the same exact boat you are in right now and had lost all hope. Know that you can recover from this!! If you would like to talk more please reply and I would gladly answer any of your questions.

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