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Re: Friend needed
Apr 4, 2007
Hi, LuLaMae, welcome to the boards.

I have been recovered over 5 years now from anorexia (purging type). I did not binge, but I frequently purged, except most of my purging was done through excessive exercise. I'd eat something like an apple or a bagel and then conclude I must do XX amount of exercise to burn the calories. It's the same principle really as purging by vomiting. Both are equally devastating and take a toll on your body. While I did restrict my food intake, it was not nearly as much as other anorexics do, but it was the excessive exercise to rid myself of the calories.

Do you have problems with bingeing too, or do you purge even after eating normal amounts of food?

What you need to do is break the cycle. It's difficult, but it can be done. I'm living proof. The first time I didn't exercise after eating, I felt tremendous, overwhelming guilt, but this gradually lessened over time, and now I am so glad I am not wasting most of my day exercising.

I used different activities to distract myself from the urge to exercise--took a hot bath with candles & a book, writing, latchhooking, making jewelry or candles. You can go to a local crafts or hobbies store and find there are lots of activites you can do; these are what I used to distract myself from my ED thoughts. If it's too tempting to purge, can you remove yourself from the situation--go outside or take a drive in the car. The key is to recovery is realizing you will have the ED thoughts and continue to have them to some degree for a long time (I still get them occasionally), but just don't act on them. It is tough, I know, and you're likely to feel enormous guilt (especially at first), but think of the good you are doing to your body--not to mention your teeth. If you want to see some scary pictures, do some searches on what toll bulimia can take on the teeth (the same goes for frequent vomiting and anorexia).

I'm glad you are seeking help. Do you have a therapist and psychiatrist yet? Preferably, if you can find a therapist who has worked with ED patients before, that is best. If not that, try looking into cognitive behavior therapy. I never had cognitive behavior therapy officially, but a form of this is what I used to overcome both my ED & depression. A registered dietician is also good to consult--I got very lucky here and found a group of dieticians who only worked with ED sufferers and hard core athletes (like marathon runners). The owner of the business had gone through anorexia herself and recovered, which gave me huge inspiration. The dietician I saw most regularly told me that while she had never had a full-blown ED, she came close at one point. So these people could really understand where I was coming from.

Good luck! Know that you are not alone! :blob_fire :blob_fire

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