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Re: Stretch marks?
Apr 22, 2007
I don't post here much any more as I have recently found out I'm pregnant and just trying to avoid triggers altogether (though I have been recovered from anorexia over 5 years now).

The thing about stretch marks is--you will get them and once you do, they don't ever go away, whether you lose or gain weight--so don't listen to the ED voice, losing weight will not make the stretch marks go away!

I got them too, after I recovered from anorexia (especially on my hips). Rapid weight loss or gain or fluctuating weight can cause them. The only thing I've heard of that could possibly keep them from getting worse is using Palmer's Cocoa butter (this is debateable but a lot of pregnant women seem to have success with this minimizing stretch marks). I'm planning to try this with my pregnancy to avoid stretch marks on my stomach.

I used to be very self-conscious about them, but now, I just don't care so much. Sure, I'd rather they weren't there, but it's better to be healthy with a few stretch marks than feeling dizzy, faint weak & horrible all the time and living life ruled by an ED.

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