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Re: Vacation blues
May 14, 2007
Try this prozac stuff..Although im on this and its not helping i read that many people have succsess with this drug..To be honest i cant remember what the hell i was like before the bulimia, its been that long...I think it must screw your thinking up because i get very angry if i cant be sick after i eat.I spent years avoiding people as well...My wife thought i was a very strange person..Now i just see this behaviour as normall...Eat,purge,again and again..I guess its no way to live a life and i do hate my life...We just used to argue over stupid silly stuff looking back it wasnt worth the hassel really..I did admitt to her eventually i was bulimic she insisted i got help...I refused..After she knew i just got more paranoid because she was watching me like a hawk...I still did it..Just took more being crafty , more lying ..It drives you mad....Its an addiction and i think much worse than drugs or drink..When your in a marrige with kids and food is all over the place everywhere,its like an alcholic being forced to watch everybody drink and not drink himself...Its a constant torment...I try and try not to do it,i cant help myself....Sound familiar? You know what will happen if you dont get help its in the back of your mind....My advise insist on some medication and keep very busy and (DO NOT BE ON YOUR OWN TOO MUCH) I have nobody in my life anymore ,no friends just (work,home,eat,vomit)what a life...Enjoy and make the most of yours while you still have one....

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