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[QUOTE]Thank you for that. That really helped me... I guess I honestly do feel like this has gone on too long and needs to be put to rest. Obviously I have home environment issues and outside issues like my sister's weight that I have NO control over. I shouldn't have control over them, I guess. My mom is very thin, thinner than I am, and that would bother any girl. She claims her thinness is from her thyroid... or gallbladder... or fear of breast cancer... or something, I can't remember half the time, but sometimes I wonder if she has an eating disorder, because she's been told she's underweight but still eats like a mouse. I hate it.[/QUOTE]
Yes it does run in families. Your sister has an eating disorder but to the other end, she is so hungry and can’t fill her self even by eating so much, just like when you starve your self all you think about is food, but you don’t take any. So she always thinks about food, but rather then not eating any, she stuffs herself.

Why do you hate the fact that you mom eats like a mouse. I have feelings like that too.. I don’t understand them. found I hated when people around me try to control what I eat causing me to eat lots while they eat little, making me feel bad for not eating, when they don’t. and it makes them feel better that they are so thin and you are fat. Or the other way, they are fat, and want you fat too.. I don’t know why, but other people with eating disorders, rather then them dealing with their eating disorder, they try to deal with others. you only make it worse. and you hurt people when you tell them they are eating too little.

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