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Firstly, take a deep breath. You need to remember that you are not the one responsible for making him well. It is admirable that you want to help him, and that will probably mean the world to him, but he can only do this if he is willing to help himself.

When I first told my hubby about my eating disorder I didn't actually want to discuss it again straight away, and it annoyed me when he kept on wanting to talk about it. So maybe before you launch into the questions you could just ask him if he wants to talk about any of it? If he says that he does you could just say some of the ideas you have mentioned and ask if he wants to talk about those.

You have to realise that you are his girlfriend and not his therapist, so there is not a 'right' and 'wrong' conversation to be having.

As to getting him help, I think it is best to go see his GP. He can go it alone, and take you with him. The advantage of him taking you is the is not an easy conversation to begin with a doctor. The disadvantage is that he may not be 100% honest with all that he has done if you sitting next to him.

Eating disorders can make you feel like you failed, particularly if you have to admit it to someone else. This means that he might get very ambivalent about whether he wants to get better. Sometimes I still have a change of heart about how I feel from one hour to the next, so this is not unusual. Sometimes ed sufferers like to try and pretend it will all be ok.

The important thing in terms of your relationship is that you let him know that you are there for him - no matter what. It is also extremely important that you have support in this, if you know he is getting professional help then maybe you could have a joint session every now and then. It is often hard to be the partner of an ed sufferer, they feel they have nowhere to put their own fears and feelings, and they tiptoe around not wanting to upset the one they love. You cannot afford to neglect yourself if you have any hopes of helping him.

As to whether people fully recover, yes, some do. Others recover partially, whereby they are symptom free most of the time but turn to it in times of great stress (eg following bereavement, financial issues, etc). Some don't want to recover and so they don't.

Bulimia like any eating disorder is potentially life threatening, so it is imperative he starts his journey towards recovery asap.

It is absolutely amazing that there are people like you willing to do whatever it takes to help the one they love. I wish you and him the best of luck.

I hope some of what I wrote has helped, and if you have any more questions just ask away.

H :wave:

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