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Stop the binge!!!
Jul 30, 2007
ok....10 nights now, without laxatives. I am passing stools everyday with the help of fibre, fibre and more fibre. I drink 2-3 litres of water a day and lots of herbal teas...however, my main problem is the eating. I want to eat and eat and eat. I don't want to start eating because I know that once I start I want to binge and then if i do (even if it's on the good stuff) I want to purge....or if I slip up....say I have a kit kat. I feel like a failure and have a few can i stop myself, or at least hold myself back from the binge. I don't know what to do. :(

I want to shed the pounds and I still don't know if I a at a 'natural weight' How will I know when I have got rid of the water retention and when I am a at a 'normal size'. :confused:

Arrrrgggghhhhh.....bean and vegetable soup and a bran muffin. Oh then somebody bought me a kit kat. I thought I was doing so well!!

I want more food :-(

The laxatives are the easy part. It's the wanting to purge that is killing me :mad:

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