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thats great to hear guys - i think even going one day without binging or purging etc is a great achievement because it is such a massive struggle inside yourself to control ED sometimes but well done im so pleased to hear :) the new scales that is great that you are ok with the new weight being read i had the same problem went from old lighter reading scales to new heavier scales and i completely freaked out so you are very strong to have been able to look at that and feel ok :) myself this week well the last few days i have been fighting with my bf and i know that change and situations like that do make me freak out and hide in my ED, my challenge for today is to not use ED to escape my problems..i can feel it pulling me again and as i said to my docter this week i have had the fun house mirrors starting up again (seeing fat although im underweight), binging and purging 2 out of 3 days so far and eating stupidly low amounts, my moods are all over the place and im wanting to loose weight even though i know i shouldnt as that would be below my maintainance weight...i am going to challenge myself to not use my ED and to face my problems for this week, so far im doing ok today im writing a list of things i want to say to my bf and using challenging techniques on my ED thoughts - my doc gave me some pages of questions to ask myself when confronting negative thoughts which i am to sit down and answer when i feel the pull of ED, such as why am i wanting to do this? what will it achieve? is there any alternative ways of looking at this situation and dealing with it? sitting down and writing answers to these it should make me confronted with the reason and hopefully calm down to a point where i can see i am better than this hoping it works but im willing to try and fight with all i have to not waste this week in my ED :) i guess that is my success today making a plan of attack for my weak ED moments and acknowledging that this is a weak period for me and working out strategies to help make me stronger and win if even for today to beat ED... :) i wish you all a good day and hope very much to hear more from you as it really pleased me to see three new messages in response made me feel not so alone in this :)

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