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just a question guys i hope one of you who has been in therapy/meeting with nutritionists can answer. what do they consider maintaining ones weight?? within how many pounds up or down is considered maintaining?? maybe if i knew it might not get me as discouraged if the scale says 1 or 2 lbs difference if i know your body weight just normally fluctuates within certain weights. i get so discouraged, when i know i shouldnt even step on that scale, like today i was [removed] heavier than 5 days ago even tho i know i havent eaten enough to do that. why do i torture myself with the numbers game??? can anyone answer me?? thanks case
Weights can fluctuate normally up to 5 pounds up or down, but it stays withing that 10 pound range, more towards the middle, without much effort (initially it may take some deliberate eating to keep a weight stable). It's not a weight that is deliberately aimed for, or restricted/binged/purged to get there. Weights really fluctuates with hormonal changes around menstruation.
Things like sodium and liquid intake can make your weight bounce around too. Also, if I eat something like steamed vegetables (that take a while to digest), my weight temporarily goes up.

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