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Hi there!
What's a pint of ice cream! How about 5-6 chocholate bars at a time, lots of bread and butter, cheese and what not, all at the same time!! But of course, neither my stomach nor my guilt would let me keep all these down. So,. out it goes in the toilet with vomiting. You are just taking laxatives.
Both are really bad about our health and you know it.
However, there is a way out of this mess.
First you have to find out and really understand what is causing this behaviour. What is missing in your life and you are staffing yourself with food to fill the gap? With me it was love. Have you been unappreciated as a child, unloved, or abused, or constantly being put down? Because this is what will make you feel low and hollow and will automatically make you reach for the fridge. Have you ever been under the strict control of others in your childhood and you now rebel against this by hating your husband's control of you [B]and your [/B]attempts to control your body and your weight?
As for not feeling normal, who is normal these days, and what does it actually mean to be normal? Being normal is only a definition. It is how WE feel that it is important not the label that others have first stuck on ourselves and we have adobted it.
I have been rambling on. All I am saying is that there is a way out. Take the proper way and see a professional, psychiatrist or go into therapy to start understanding who you are, how you feel and WHY you are doing it. Then you will be able to feel more in control of your life, NOT by staffing it to death(literally) but by choosing to do the things YOU really like and NOT the things you feel compelled to do or others have told you.
I have taken just this road and I have almost completely cured myself from boulimia. YES, REALLY!!!!
SO, it can be done. Do not leave it too late and start having health problems, bad teeth, bowel troubles etc.
I am not trying to scare you, but I do not want you to suffer because you can feel better and free.:)

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