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I used to get that all the time back in my ED days, especially when out at restaurants with friends....they and the waitresses would make comments, and I'd want to go take more stuff to get rid of what I had eaten. It felt bad to ME...they just made it feel worse. My stomach was used to next to nothing, and 1/4 of a restaurant meal was horrible. It never stayed in.

People don't realize that their comments make things so much harder than it already is.

Also, the comments about looking like I did or didn't have an eating disorder just kept me stuck in the cycle of starving/purging to get to a place where I did look like I was thin enough. It was sick, but it was part of the distorted thinking that went along with the malnutrition. I had lost a lot of weight, but I didn't see it. Others saw it, and those closest to me knew there was a big problem- others saw a normal person who had bags under her eyes, and was so tired that walking a flight of stairs was horrendous. I also had chunks of my heels gone, and my tailbone was erroding. I was in bad shape, but my weight wasn't 'diagnostically significant' was significant for overall percentage considering where I started, but not if I'd been normal weight when I started. I'd had all the EDs by then, and was coming down from compulsive eating, so was overweight....I was a mess, and nearly died. Yet I got comments all the time. My body will never be the same.

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