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Re: Truth
Sep 14, 2007
I think I understand how you're feeling. Cut yourself some slack; dealing with an ED is a long-term, very difficult thing. You made progress and slipped's normal, though discouraging.

What a terrific thing you're doing by weaning yourself off the laxatives! Congratulations on that! And you're seeking help and being honest about things. That takes a lot of courage, and determination to get better, too.
Give yourself credit: you're dealing with an incredibly difficult, frustrating, painful, stubborn disorder.
There will be relapses, then better times, and the longer you work on it, the better the chances that you'll be able to really deal with it. 19 is very young. You have time to change.
Even though you're feeling discouraged and shaky (yes, it is an addiction in part, I think), you are really in a very good place.

Try not to panic over the relapse. That only increases anxiety and makes it worse. Take it one day at a time, continue to seek help, and be proud of yourself for taking these steps.

Can you bring yourself to ask your mom for help with the purging?

Best to you, keep on going forward, you will make it!

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