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Thanks Abbec,

Your relationship sounds like a very positive addition to your life. I'm so pleased that you found a patient, caring, understanding person to support you. That is such a big deal :)

Three days ED free is awesome, not to mention that fact that you were able to stop the laxatives for a while. Don't hate me for asking you this but.......Have you sat back and thought about what made you break your 3 day roll? If you figure out what exactly happened, you could prevent it from happening next time. I usually relapse because 1) I'm not eating enough and I get crazy hungry 2) I need an excuse to not participate in life 3) Something painful happens and I feel the need to eat and isolate from what I feel 4) Bordom...It makes me very uncomfortable 5) I start going through a specific food withdrawal (I feel I'm addicted to certain foods)

I hope you can figure it out for next time. I'd love to see you lick this thing while you are still young. And I'm sure everyone has told you this, but I'm going to say it anyway.....Laxitives are the worst things for you. It doesn't take long for them to screw you up permanently. Please think about ditching them :(

I wonder if there is anything all natural you could take to help wean yourself off of them (laxatives). I think there may be some kind of tea you could drink that would be easy on your system and help you body get back to normal. I'm sure a health food store would have it. I just wish I could remember the name.


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