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hey congratulations on making it to 4 days!! im also bulimic i restrict, binge purge and use laxatives...i understand completely what you mean about people finding out and that is the last thing you want them to know is a right here and now are doing so well! i made it 3days and last night i caved to the binge thing but i really didnt want to the thought of making myself sick again after a weekend free of it made me cry, i just looked at myself in the mirror and cried :( i also have been tapering off laxatives where i was taking ten times to many and ive finally gotten them down to the normal daily amount and this weekend i even went for 2days without any!!! but i have school camp tom for work and im terrified as i know il have to eat what they eat and im around people 24hrs a day for 3 days!!! i went and bought a box of laxatives and i took double to many last night and today my poor body is going nuts!! it had only yesturday for the first time in about 9 months gone to the toilet normally without assistance and i was so happy i nearly clapped like a 2 yr really trying to hold onto everything ive worked so hard to achieve so far! ive also met somebody and i know he is a really good thing for me as when im with him im not anxious, i eat normally and sensibly, ive been able to tell him i do have an eating disorder (but not go into specifics just that im dealing with it atm but i dont want him to see me as bec the ED so i want him to involved as little as possible but he's said that he will be here whenever i need him), he makes me want to be better! and feel like i dont need ED to be beautiful! he makes me feel like he's proud to be with me! i want to beat ED for me but i also want to for my family and friends and now this guy who is truely wonderful and i have not found anyone like him for so long i dont want to loose everything due to the fact i couldnt say no more! of luck to you this week and i really admire your strength! keep up the good work darling

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