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I'm 36 yesrs old and have lost quite a bit of weight. I continue to restrict but I eat good dinners with my husband when he's home Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, it's hard for me to see there's a problem. Also, my BMI says I'm healthy. My bloodwork just came back fine and I still get my periods. (although last month's was a week late, which never happens). I still want to lose more weight and I do not have a number that I want to be at. I have been told by my mother that I'm starting to look bad and my husband says I'll look worse if I lose anymore weight. On the other hand, he says I look great now. So I'm confused.
My husband went to see my therapist with me today. We spent two hours with her. He agreed there's a problem. She mentioned that my having a 12 day stomache ache last week concerned her. She says my kidneys may start to fail or I may start throwing up or pooping blood. She gave me the whole low down. She says there's a great facility in Baltimore I may need to go to for therapy or maybe even inpatient treatment if I get too bad, that's where I'm headed she thinks.
I am having a hard time grasping this. I'm just shaking my head thinking it's all nonsense. I'm fine. I can control this. I told them I'd eat better but it's probably not going to happen.
My husband told me he wants me around. He doesn't want to lose me.
Why's everyone being so serious?
Is it that bad?
When did you all realize you needed help?
I am in denial.

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