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Does binging and purging every other day in the evening interfere with the protection of birth control pills that are taken in the morning?

i asked my doc the same question and he said no aslong as the pill stays in your body for 2 hours it is then absorbed into your blood so you cannot get rid of it so aslong as you are not taking your pill and then purging you should be ok
Technically you are classed as bulimic if you are purging more than twice per week but i honestly think that its if you do it at all as any kind of purging is unhealthy! i started off as a once every couple of weeks and then it turned into every weekend and now its daily sometimes 2 or 3 times depending on my mood :( it is a horrible thing to get trapped into so please i urge you to seek help or at least talk to me to figure out why are you doing this because id hate to see you where i am as its living hell sometimes trying to beat this..please take care you dont need to do this im sure you are a beautiful person dont let an ED take that away from you
It started innocently enough -- I can't stomach a lot of greasy food, etc., but still eat it once in a while and then I get really sick to my stomach, so I would just make myself throw up and feel better. I only did this when I had an upset stomach, not very often, because I try to watch what I eat now.

Well I started working out and losing weight (past 10-12 weeks). I did not purge during this period because I figured I was working off what I was putting on. I work out about 1 hour a day. Sometimes again in the evening if I am extremely bored with nothing to do. Anyway, I had a breast lift w/ implants this week and am unable to work out for 6-8 weeks. So I feel as if I'm going to gain weight because I'm not working out so I just make myself throw up. I have already done it twice today! I can't believe I'm falling into this trap. I am recovering alcoholic (8 years sober) so it doesn't surprise me that much. I feel like I can stop. If I eat healthy I'm okay, it's when I eat hamburger and french fries and a frosty for lunch. To be quite honest I want to get a pizza for dinner thinking, well I'll just make myself throw up. But I have resisted so far.

I am an attractive intelligent woman. I am currently dating a man who likes me just as I am (I planned on getting the boobs even before I met him). He met me when I was about 20 lbs. heavier and doesn't have a problem with my figure. Although there is a part of him that would love to have a woman with a great bod and big boobs. I have the big boobs, working on the great bod.

I don't know if I am making sense, but thanks for listening.

Your eating habits sound so much like me. If I eat salad, yogurt, Diet Coke, etc. I'm perfectly fine and am convinced I'm in recovery. If I eat salad all week I'll bargain with myself and think I can eat a burger and fries, or pizza for just one meal. I'll eat it, enjoy it, and then feel ANXIETY!!! About 75% of the time I end up purging the "normal" meal. Then I have to admit I'm not in recovery after all! If I could just eat healthy for the rest of my life I'd be recovered - but then I really wouldn't be recovered, would I? :mad:
i know exactly how you feel! i am fine eating healthy foods but only in very small - absurdly small portions and the rest of the time i binge and purge - it is such a strong addiction and i hate every min of doc stuffed up my appointments and i havent been able to go for 2 weeks and im slipping badly i didnt realise how much i need those appointments to keep me going forward until i suddenly didnt have them and my ED's just gone nuts! please tree go and talk to somebody about this id give anything to go back and fix what i have started...i was very similar to you i only would make myself sick if i actually felt sick as i hate waiting around to be ill either after a big yucky meal or if i was queezey from drinking etc and that never phased me but apprently people who have the ability to do that are often targets for eating disorders as it is something that doesnt bother them whereas other people cant handle the thought of being sick...please try and stop trust me its not worth it, and dont i beg you dont get into the trying to loose weight to keep somebody else happy i did that and it was one of the main reasons that destroyed our 2 yr are beautiful the way you are! please look into seeing somebody if you can
As it just so happens I have a med review appt. with my PDoc on the 13th. It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I even thought of maybe mentioning it to her, it's like, should I be honest with her and tell her what is really going on, or should I just pretend all is well.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I keep telling myself when I can get back to working out I will stop.

I cannot fathom that I have no control over this, yet, for dinner tonight, I have healthy food in the fridge, I thought, ooh, I'll order a pizza sub and then just throw up. And I did! How pathetic. I don't get it.

I want to pretend it doesn't exist and it will just go away.


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