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I started binging and purging almost two years ago. Initially, I lost a lot of weight. At around the same time, I started taking birth control pills to protect myself against unwanted pregnancy. As soon as I stopped taking them, my periods ceased. I believe the reason for this was the weight loss. I had my last regular period in October, 2006, just when I stopped using the birth control. My next period, for some reason, came in February, 2007 (although my body fat was still well below normal). I have not menstruated since then and my bulimia has continued. Over the past few months, I stopped purging and have been having massive health food binges, but binges nevertheless. As a result, I know I have put on (all of which, I realize, were much needed). I also feel better overall and I'm sure my body fat is now around normal. In the past, my anorexic/bulimic approx. year-long episodes were always followed by my periods becoming resumed as soon as I would BEGIN to gain A FEW pounds. I am a little concerned that that does not seem to be happening this time.

I have now been with my boyfriend for two years and we're engaged to be married soon. We both want children very much and would like to start working on this right away (especially since he's in his mid-thirties and I'm in my mid-late twenties:)); however, my amenorrhea represents a big challenge to this goal. I have heard that it is *possible* to get pregnant in the absence of periods (although, of course, for obvious reasons, it's not recommended to do so when their absence is caused by an ED).

Have any of you experienced a similar problem? What has been the general experience with trying to conceive of those of you who have struggled with an eating disorder and sporadic menstrual cycles?

Also, what would you recommend I do at this point? Should I go to my doctor and ask for hormone/BP pills to kick-start my periods or does using BP in general represent a greater risk to fertility down the road?

Over the past few weeks, I've been feeling very strange - somewhat nauseous, dizzy, flushed in the face, a little bloated and constantly hungry. I took a home-pregnancy test today (12 days after I *could have* conceived:), and it came back negative.

What am I to do? I hope that I haven't done a number on my body over the years such that god would punish me in one of the worst possible ways - by making it very difficult/impossible to conceive...

Please feel free to comment. Any input is much, much appreciated!

Thank you and cheers,


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