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I have a lot of problems with bloating (and gas) when I eat also. I've found dairy and wheat are my worst offenders.

If I stick to mostly raw foods or eating a small amount of one type of food at a time it seems to reduce it.

I've tried tums and mylanta but they didn't help at all.

Have you talked with your dr about it? Mine suggested that I may have Crohn's but didn't recommend testing for now (said to come back if it gets worse or doesn't improve).

I've always had digestive problems though. It started with constipation, gas, and bloating in my teens (I'm 31). I've tried various "diets" in the past to no avail (vegetarianism, veganism, low carb, high carb etc...) and the herbal/natural remedies I've tried didn't help either (peppermint, ginger, parsley, liquid calcium, chlorophyll, etc...). I've also been tested for Celiac disease which came back negative.

I don't know where you're at in your recovery but if you've gone a considerable amount of time not eating regularly your body may just need to work the kinks out as it gets used to digesting food again. I would really recommend you see a dietician (I'm considering that myself). Maybe s/he could help you reintroduce foods gradually. S/he could help guide you through eliminating the foods that cause the most discomfort and offer replacement suggestions.

I know it's so frustrating. For me it's really difficult to continue wanting recovery when I feel so badly. (((HUGS)))

Love, Kelly

P.S. Are you eating a lot of high fiber foods? Drinking more water is supposed to help bloating caused by a high fiber intake.

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