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I found out this past Saturday that my teenage daughter has been throwing up after dinner every night. I discovered this mainly because of certain factors that I just so happen to notice lately. Complaining about her weight, worrying about being weighed in in gym class and then spending time in the bathroom immediately after dinner, complaining about bloating etc. All of a sudden it hit me. OMG what if she's throwing up? A friend of mine's sister is bulemic, so I asked her advice. Signs and symptoms, things to watch for and so on. She gave me some great advice and I confronted my daughter that afternoon. She denied it at first and then started to cry. There was no denying it then. I sat down with her and we talked about the dangers, how worried I was knowing she'd been doing this, how long, how often etc. She is now on food watch and my husband and I have already made a Dr's appoinments for her and am going to get a referral to see a therapist to help her deal with whatever issues she has that is causing her to think she's fat which has lead to her purging.

I am scared to death! If it has been going on longer than the 2 1/2 months that she has told me it has, what kind of damage could my baby girl have done to her body? I was doing research and read that it can not only damage your teeth and esophogus but your stomach, heart and kidneys. Some of the signs of damage was bloating and stomach pains and I see that in her already.

She's been doing ok the past few days. I've been getting up with her so her and I can eat a healthy breakfast together. She was skipping breakfast all together. I make sure she takes a lunch or lunch money but I can't tell you if she'll eat it or not. And after dinner I stay with her for about an hour to make sure she doesn't purge. We spent 4 hours grocery shopping the other day, letting her choose healthy foods that she would like so instead of eating junk when she needs a snack, there are healthier options here. We always have lots of options here but we do have some junk food.

We've talked a lot. I've always been very open with her and I want her to be able to continue that relationship with me by being honest with me and letting my husband and I help her not only at home but by getting her the medical help she needs.

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