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Hi I hope this isn't triggering I didn't mention any reasons why this happened let me know if it's not ok:
Hi :) I’m new here and I’m not positive but I think I think I have an ED-NOS this is my story:

For the past three months I have been desperate to lose weight and felt fat and ugly, it slowly became an obsession and I weigh myself twice a day and spend hours looking in the mirror at my figure with self-loathing. I began starving myself and frequently exercising as a desperate attempt to lose weight and to take my mind off my other problems, horrific as they are. I will not eat until I feel dizzy or about to faint and feel immense guilt every time I eat and have a terrible fear of putting weight on. I also feel like I don’t deserve to eat and must deserve punishment for the life I have lead. Deep down I think I know that’s not true but I feel like people won’t love me unless I am my recommended weight. Can anyone help me here? I think it’s an ED-NOS because I have all the traits of classic anorexia (according to a book I read on eating disorders) but I am currently overweight I hope someone can help and tell me if I do have an eating disorder or not,

Nicola xx

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