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I know of two people with eating disorders that took Welbutrin. I'm not sure if its widely prescribed for eating disorders but it helped them alot. I know when I took it for smoking, which is a compulsion of it's own, I had no desire to smoke. It wasn't just smoking either. It was like my brain was rewired to only do things that were the right thing to do.... I didn't obsess about the ex bf that was driving me insane. I didn't obsess about anything. I was calm and... it was wierd. It was like all the things that make you crazy were there but I had them all in the right place in my mind. It was like I was only doing things that were "right" and healthy for me. I'm sure it doesn't work like that on everyone as we are all wired up differently. When I came off the Welbutrin I got some of my obsessing back but so much less. It felt like my brain chemistry had been off forever and it was jump started back to a more normal place for me to be.

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