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but I dont know how though! I am 27 and binge on too much food. I do it when noone is around and feel awful afterwards. In the past 4 months it has gotten really bad, i gorge on fast food or other bad for you foods and then come home and eat meals with my family or boyfriend on top of that. I feel like an awful person because I want to control myself but I cant. I will have 20 dollars to my name and spend that on food to eat even though I have a fridge full of food at home. Its like the more I think about how bad I feel the worse and more that i eat :( Its like I am always hungry and think about food from the time wake up to the time I go to sleep. I have also feel so sluggish and get so exhaused its like no matter how much sleep i get its just not enough!!
Does any one have any advice? I could never talk about this to my friends and family. Its embarrsing enough to be as big as I am but to tell someone about this would be mortifying in person!!!

any help?!! I hate myself:(

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