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I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder, and I wouldn't even say that I have one now- except I am really trying to figure some things out, maybe someone can offer some advice??

Here's the background-
I have always been a little 'chunky' never obese or fat, just plump- up until about a year and a half ago. I started going to the gym and eating a lot better. For a year or so I literally changed my eating habits 180 degrees. I stopped eating junk, i ate fruits and veggies, and i lost <weight>. Now i have been at the same weight for about 8 months- maintenance weight and am very happy here. I still continue to go to the gym, and eat healthy.

Here's where the problem lies: I have to write down everything I eat mon- fri so I can moderate what i eat. I give myself 'free days', which is saturday and sunday where i can eat WHATEVER I want without counting, but the thing is, when I eat 'junk' food (or any food that i don't normally eat during the week), i tend to not be able to stop. Like a piece of cake, for example. In my whole year of losing weight, i didn't really eat any cake, but if i wrote it down i did it in moderation. Now, on the weekends, not writing things down, i tend to eat things NOT in moderation. Not binge eating, but its come down to "I either have to eat the WHOLE thing, or none at all".

Apparently, eating 1 or 2 bites is just not possible for me. I've heard from people that eating 3 bites of something is good enough, as the rest of the bites don't taste as good, and I totally do not think that. I think every bite down until the last morsel is sooo good, so in order for me to NOT eat that calorie piece of cheesecake, I can't eat it at all.

Is anyone else like this?? do I have super sensitive taste buds or something?

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