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im 19 years old

im over weight. it feels like to me.
i know its not much but for some reason i can FEEL the weight. like... sitting down it feels like my fat is pushing into my soloar plex. i feel my stomic stretching and it physically hurts. idk if its all in my head or if something is really something i should be worryed about.

i want to try to loos eweight but its hard.. its gettign to the point where i feel guilty eating food. whenever im hungry i try to go as long as i can without eating but it doesnt last very long. ive looked up everythin from workout tapes to diet pills.... i know if i try the pills im going to be addicted... i need help but im not insured.

it just seems like i can never loose weight. and i hate how i look...
i dont want this to become a condition... but my anxiety is already high cause of the chronic physical pain and discomfort.:confused::(

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