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Hey guys,
My best friend suffers from anorexia and seems to be in a similar situation (only comfortable with certain people), and I'm half hoping that your girlfriend is too clever for this addiction in the same way as my friend. This is the first time I've tried one of these forum thingys but I was hoping to get a two way communication during a time that other people don't realise is hard for friends and family of eating disorder sufferers.
I agree with Thamarai, but similarly I'm not an expert, it does sound as though her anorexia is linked to depression, and it also sounds that she hasn't hit rock bottom yet... as brutal as that may sound.
The only reason I say that is because if she was at rock bottom the situation wouldn't be any better when she was around you. The best thing you can do is just constantly be there for her but don't be too overbearing. She obviously feels really close to you and trusts you implicitly to be more comfortable eating around you, and to have told you about some of things she has coped with in the past. It's obvious that there is something buried deep in her past that is the root of the problem. If you have even an inkling of what that is, that's more than most people in her life and would possibly take years of therapy for anyone else to get to.
You are in a unique situation of being the person she can turn to for everything, and the one person who day by day will help her through and take each day as it comes... so that's exactly what you have to do... each day is a new step... you are the person who she can turn to and confess that today is a bad day... I hope that helps. Oh and I have a book called "100questions and answers about eating disorders" by Carolyn Costin, that I find really helpful - there is a version about anorexia for something more specfic.
Stay in touch man, and I hope everything works out ok, anything you need her I am.

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