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how can i begin to eat normally after being anorexic
For me I would eat about 3 bites of whatever and then would immediately use the bathroom, not meaning I threw up though it did make me feel very nauseous. I would breathe through my nose while I ate, that also made me feel less nauseous. After using the bathroom I would eat 2 or 3 more bites. I would wait for 30 minutes to an hour and do it again. Try to take at least one more bite throughout the day. I'm naturally small but being that thin, I looked disgusting. I'm glad I'm not sick anymore. When I'm stressed I start to fall back but I quickly realize whats happening and make myself eat whether I want to or not. I will help you get through this!
I had to re-introduce foods slowly into my diet. Sort of like introducing a baby to new/solid foods. If I could digest something comfortably and not gain tons of weight after eating it I'd feel comfortable eating the same thing again. Eventually my diet expanded (and is still expanding). There are still some things I feel anxious about eating, but I'm slowly getting back to where I was.

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