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Hi Victoria.
Congratulations firstly on realising that laxative abuse and it's effects is something that you don't want to live with for the rest of your life.
To this day, I am proud to say that I still have not taken one more laxative. Nor have I slipped back into any of my previous unhealthy eating habits. What's more is I quit smoking after 3 years of pack a day. Something that also used to terrify me of quitting smoking was also the weight gain I heard about.
Please don't let the negative stories of quitting anything give you a bad outlook from the beginning.
If yu think that it is going to be hard to quit. It will be. Laxatives have become an addictive substance for you and you have to convince yourself that you are in control of them, not the other way around. Firstly, be honest with yourself.
Apart from the feeling of lightness, straight after that bowl movement, do you feel any better about yourself and your weight? I'm guessing no.
I don't know you, but I know that you are a very strong willed person. You wouldn't have put up with the uncomfortable side effects for this long as you havee. What I did with this strong will is redirected it. I thought about all the eating disorders I've had and thought about how much time, effort and money I was putting into "the lazy way to keep weight off."
When you think about it...why not redirect that effort into the healthy way?
Do your own research on boosting your metabolism...A very good way to not only keep weight off, but keep your mind busy. You will see that simple every day efforts such as drinking green tea, drinking cold water instead f room temperature, and many other very easy diet habits can help to speed up your metabolism and keep weight off. Vitimins are a good placebo, although give it some time and research before you get too far into these, you will hurt your wallet if not anything else. Consider seeing a naturopath. I didn't, but I have heard good things. Don't start taking fibre supplements in your drink. They have the same effects and eventually you will increase your intake so much that it is like taking laxities. A healthy alternative is Flax oil. Consider making a health shake every morning. I do Flax oil, barley greens, lettuce, banana, dark berries, lemon and ginger. Delicious and super good for you.
I did continue to work out. And still continue to Nothing drastic. Usually about 3 hours of cardio a week which isn't much, and I take it in the form of fun dance classes at the gym. I hate the gym! It is the most mundane excersise of the lot! The treadmill? What are we? Rats?!
I know that you hear this everywhere, but physical excersise really does wonders for your mental state.
I never weighed myself after I quit. And I never noticed any weight gain. If there was any, after a month it was gone when I weighed myself after I finally had no desire to take laxatives any more.
I never told anyone bout my issue until I really decided to quit. I told my boyfriend. It was a very difficult thing to do, because to me it was disgusting and embarrassing. He didn't understand it at all, but made the effort to research it as a disorder and try to understand. His support really got me though as well. Consider telling someone close to you and asking them to understand. I have never actually been overweight, I have just had skewed sight.

That's all it took for me Victoria! 1 month and I was rid of the habit.
Your a strong girl. Use that strength for your benefit, instead of your detriment.
I hope I have answered some questions for you. Please don't hesitate to keep me up to date on your progress. I'd love to help you through it.


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