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[QUOTE=kt4life;3947678]how would you know u have bulimia[/QUOTE]

There are 2 types of bulimia:

[B]Purging Bulimia[/B]- The most common form of bulimia. It is when you binge eat on tons of food, and purge to get rid of it. 'Purge' meaning you throw up after, use laxatives, or obsessively exercise in order to make up for the binge eating.

[B]Non-Purging Bulimia[/B]- A less common form of bulimia, but still bulimia. This is where you binge eat on large amounts of food as well...but you do not immediately purge after. Instead you would either restrict calories for a certain amount of time, starve, and/or compulsively exercise-- to make up for a binge. Trapped in a cycle of binge/starve/binge/starve.

The majority of people with bulimia are either of a normal weight, or overweight. So it is much harder to detect a problem than it would be with anorexics.

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