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I have a history of eating disorders and am currently struggling with crippling depression and lifelong body image issues. Unfortunately for me it seems that in my case the depression and the weight issues are directly at odds with each other in my treatment. I'm not underweight; I'm at a healthy weight, and no one feels I need to gain weight. Everyone does think that I need to be on medication though, and given how difficult it is to funtion in just regular daily life I'd say they're right. But my current doctor believes that I should be taking an SSRI, and all of these have a potential side effect of weight gain. I'm VERY sensitive to meds, it runs in my family. I've tried a handful of drugs at this point; none of them have been enough to manage my depression, and a couple of them have been trainwrecks. A list of the failures: Prozac - weight gain and brain fog. Trazadone - elevated liver levels and a heart murmur. Zoloft - weight gain, hallucinations, and an exponential increase in my depression - which I didn't realize was possible. Well, I guess it was good for the perspective. Celexa - this was the one my new doctor prescribed, and he did it in microdoses to counteract my medication sensitivity. Before we could even get up to a clinical dosage, I started to gain weight. Needless to say, I am now off of it. Currently, I'm taking a low dose of Klonopin at night for anxiety as well as Topomax, to curb bingeing, and fish oil - my doctor said it helps with mood and I figure why not, it won't give me a heart murmur.

I'm writing because I figured I can't be alone in this - SSRI's are the biggest classification of meds out there, their biggest side effect is weight gain, and there are a whole lot of other people either actively struggling with eating disorders, recovering from eating disorders, or who wrestle with body image issues. People for whom the weight gain from these drugs is a really big deal. My psychiatrist keeps pushing SSRI's & at this point, I just can't handle trying another one and going through the slow painful roulette of little by little building up the microdoses and nervously looking out for any weird possible side effects. And as soon as my weight fluctuates I just can't handle the stress it causes. But are there any other options out there besides SSRI's? Honestly, the only medication that I have been able to come up with that does not cause weight gain is Wellbutrin, and my doc has always immediately steered the conversation away from it and back to SSRI's. I'm assuming he doesn't think I'm a good candidate for it, and I don't know that I'm a good candidate for it either, given that I also have anxiety and it has a revving component, and I've been told that a history of anorexia or bulimia can increase the risk of seizures. I'm hoping that someone else has gone through this and can share something, anything that helped, not just prescription drugs. At this point I just need to feel that I have options, because I don't feel like I have any - it's become a binary struggle with my doctor, I'm unwilling to take any more SSRI's and he is not offering any other solutions. I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks.

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