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[QUOTE=Comediane1111;4107239]I am so happy to have found this post! I echo what everyone is saying - it seems that no one who has not suffered from an eating disorder understands that, long after recovery has started or been completed, the digestive issues still wreak havoc on our already-upset bodies. The person who does not know anorexia or bulimia seems unable to comprehend that a "normal" meal would stay with us for hours - even days - and create unimaginable physical and psychological pain. Many people would hope and pray for wealth or riches or the love of another person but I and you - we pray for a simple bowel movement, or the ability to stop eating before we feel terribly full. We long for a time when food was not entertainment, when food was not a constant companion to our everyday thoughts.

[B]My husband of only a few months suffers with me - he suffers due to my negative attitude, my crying fits, my negative comments directed at him that, in actuality, have nothing to do with him whatsoever! They are a result of me voicing my own frustrations with this bloated, misshapen body that, I feel, will be with me for the rest of my days. I do not know why my husband doesn't turn around and walk out the door on me - if he did, I promise with all of my heart, I would understand why. I mean - I am ready to walk out on me - if only I could be so lucky. Even sexually, at the young age of 26 and a newlywed, I falter. I hate myself so intensely I cannot show love toward my beautiful husband who deserves love more than anyone.[/B]

We must continue to hope and root for each other![/QUOTE]

The bold part of your post really pulled at my heart strings, if you will. I went though the same thing with my now ex girlfriend. It's just good to read it I guess. :angel:

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