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[COLOR="Purple"]I am usually not this direct but try to switch as soon as possible!! [/COLOR]I am always on here complaining that I was on very high calories when I started recovery but there is a reason for that-most people starting recovery have a hypermetabolism and nightsweats, insominia, feeling so tired etc.. During recovery, the body and brain literaly has to repair so much damage and it requires more calories.

It also not talked about much but there are many people with anorexia who become bulimic. Sometimes, people are placed in meal plans that are too restrictive but there is something that happens when you recover from anorexia. After a couple of months, I started to get these thoughts about NEEDING and want more calories than the meal plan says. (the restrictive thoughts get replaced with thoughts about eating more) First, I talked to people going through recovery and they reassured me that this is normal. Then, I talked to my doctors (We can't mention weight-grrrr!) but they also said it was normal. I am just above the normal weight range. Even though it is technically "normal" they said they want me to gain a couple of more pounds and i'm still on the high calorie meal plan.

The target weight plans for people with anorexia are usually (we can't mention weights) a couple of pounds higher for maintance.

If you are put on a meal plan that seems limited now, then in a couple of months -it going to be almost unbearable. You might start to feel guilty about eating over what they recommend and develop other eating disorder behaviors.

Do your nutritionist and therapist specialize in working with people with ED's or is they work with the general population? Are you on maintance meal plan and have they set a target -weight range goal?

I know you want to recover but you are going to need a team (nutritionist) that isn't so "formula" driven. I once had a nutritionist tell me just eat 1,200 calories a day and add 500 calories throughout the week! I am so happy that I got another referral!

Good luck and keep posting!:)

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