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Hello all,

Was hoping someone could provide words of encouragement...
I am recovering from anorexia and bulimia. I was in treatment went through refeeding, having been starved and severely malnourished, and all my water retention went away while in treatment. Since I gained weight I freaked out and have returned to bulimia for a little over 6 months. However, my mind set changed and I truly want to recover now and have been doing structured eating and seeing a nutritionist and all. My body is freaking out since I'm eating again because I scared my body for the second time. Now I have a lot of bloating and water retention...I'm scared it won't go away in time. Maybe it's because my evil eating disorder is trying to discourage me out of my own recovery so I return to my eating disorder and giving up on recovery. Has anyone had experience with recovery and going through the not so fun symptoms of recovery such as, bloating-water retention etc? Any words of advice? I would love to hear all experiences. Thank you!!!!:)

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