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Hello,, im 15 and i dont if i have a problem or if im just making myself crazy.
So im a binger. i eat whenever i get the chance. doesnt matter if im hungry or not. I eat when im happy, sad, angry, ect. im always thinking about food, mostly negitively. I always feel bad when i eat, but i still just keep eating more and more. I try not to think of food as my enemy but that doesnt work. I know whats healthy, i know what good portions are, yet i keep falling back into bad habbits. the longest iv ever been able to keep a healthy diet or "life style" was a week. im always on a rollercoaster. it gets me angry and deepressed that i feel like food has control over me. i dont like my body, and though i workout and am in sports, i feel like if i dont change the way i eat i will never be able to lose weight. <I lost weight> but im scared ill gain all the weight back. What gets to me the most is the fact that im always trying to be healthy and it just feels like a failed attempt on after the other. nothing i do works. I tired keeping journals, making posters, telling my bestfriend my goals. nothing works. i remind myself of a drugy. so i tried talking to my mom about it but she got mad. she doesnt like me to think theres anything wrong with me. but i feel like its serious. this food problem is effecting me way more thanit should.i want help but i dont know how to get it. i dont even know if i really do have a problem.

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