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I know that making the decision to quit laxatives is not easy.

There are somethings that you have to be willing to accept if you want to withdraw.

It's going to take time (3-4 weeks) for the bloating to go down. It's best not to weigh yourself and accept that your middle area will get rounder. It is not real weight and it will go down in a couple of weeks.

Wear comfy, loose clothes; for now wearing all form fitting clothes wouldn't be a good idea.

You are going to feel very tired, and exhausted. You might get cold chills or hot flashes-it's normal and won't last long.

Do not quit cold turkey! Wean yourself off by cutting in half and add a probiotic or digestive enzyme.

I can't be of help with the food choices because I don't have IBS so I don't know what is acceptable. (I know that eating foods like milk, oatmeal, and foods with fiber caused me to get more bloated.)

It was also really hard for me to drink water because I already felt so bloated but now I realize that wasn't a good idea.

The last thing that was really hard to accept was that -I wanted my body to just get better and function -right away.

I got frustrated when the numbers went up or I felt bigger. It's taken several relapses to realize-I was anorexic for 6 years and It's going to take time (months and years) to get better.

There are some more threads on here with more details-good luck and post your progress.

You can do this!

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