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Apr 7, 2010
I think I have a problem binging, but Iím not entirely sureÖ I feel so fat all the time, and Iím entirely ashamed when I eat even the smallest thing. I wish so bad I was anorexic, but I just canít be. I try and try, and at a point I was doing pretty well. I do exercise a lot, but not enough. I hold off eating anything until I get home from school, but when I get there, I usually grab a snack and donít stop there. I think Iíve shrunk my stomach or something, because I can survive easily on a single piece of bread and a cup of coffee, I have done this multiple times before. And when I try to eat a normal meal with my family, I feel like Iím about to explode. I hate it. I promise myself each morning that today, I will NOT take that first bite. Because I know if I do I wonít stop. So I canít decide; whatís worse? Binging and just working it off, or eating as little as possible, and exercising on top of that? I need some advice, but ďprofessional helpĒ doesnít help me, so that isnít an optionÖ I just donít know how to regulate or balance my diet and exercise, so any tips you guys can give me will be much appreciated :)

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