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Hey Orlando,

I just wrote in my own thread about lax abuse the following;

"[I]At the beginning you might need some herbs or things such as physilium husk to get things moving, but try and not become dependant on those... i think the best is to keep hydrated, like really make a point of drinking plenty of water, eat healthy small meals all throughout the day so you keep your bowels active, lots of fiber (prune/fig juice) and incorporate some exercises.
I started up yoga and pilates and some cardio. It makes me feel better about my body, stretches are great for you[/I]"

As for the bloat, yeah... it happens. Your body is holding on to the water for the moment because it is used to you flushing it out with the use of those laxatives. It is a beautiful mechanism really, your body is protecting you and trying to keep you healthy :) But of course I understand your frustration! I have been frustrated as well, my bloat has gone down a bit more though, it's still there, especially in my face after I wake up, but I have faith and believe with persistence we can all get better from this.

A life on the laxatives is NO life, we all know that. And how hard as this period we're in right now may be, we are serious FIGHTERS and have a right to be proud for overcoming an addiction I can only compare to a serious drug addiction.

I hope all goes well for you, stay in touch, let us know whats up!


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