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Hmmm I know it is common for someone in the grip of an ED to have stomach pains after eating. It could be physical or it could be psychological. But... if she is recovered and having a relapse but, has not any problems till now, it could be her body readjusting to the abuse she is putting it through and/or damage she has done in the past. (If that makes any sense lol). I know when your body is not used to keeping food down it can hurt a lot when trying to eat normally. For example, I ate a larger than normal apple last night, kept it down and it hurt like hell later on! If she is serious about staying well and wants to get through this, you could suggest she see a dietician?? However, it sounds like she may be trying to go back to her old behaviours and if that's the case, an intervention is going be a lot more difficult but necessary. As for the drinking, alcohol does affect yu a lot more when your body is starved so that why be why she doesn't remember but it does sound like it could be something else like a spiked drink maybe?? Just sounds a little too much to simply be too much alcohol. Anyhoo good luck :)

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