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Aileb made some good points, but I don’t think the labels matter at all. What does it matter if you can tick all the boxes to say you’ve officially got an eating disorder or you can’t? What you really need to consider is: are you happy? Do you feel that you have a healthy relationship with food and exercise? Is your relationship with food and exercise damaging your relationships with the people in your life?

Answer these questions, and then take a step back and consider whether you need to re evaluate. Whether you have an eating disorder or not, there are a few sentences in your post which are concerning:

I do restrict my calories every day.”

Your body is clever, it knows how much food you need. If you can learn to pay attention to your body then there is no need to restrict food. If you are hungry, it is your body’s way of telling you that you don’t have enough energy to meet all the demands that you’re placing on it.

“work out for 1-2 hours 5 to 7 days a week”

This is a huge amount of exercise – do you work or are you at school? If so, I’m guessing that this amount of exercise dramatically eats into the amount of time you have to spend with friends and family and doing all the other fun things that life has to offer. I used to be an obsessive exerciser and nothing would get in the way, I would give up time with friends, I would even cut classes, to get to the gym. That sort of behaviour is so destructive to the rest of your life. Being slim is NOT the most important thing in the world. Being happy and having people you love and who love you is.

I am terrified to gain any of that weight back”

By the sound of it you are paralysed by fear. Unless you are trying to maintain a weight that is too low for your body, you shouldn’t need to take diet pills and work out an excessive amount in order to maintain your weight. I recovered from anorexia and obsessive exercising a few years ago – now I don’t count calories, I just eat when I’m hungry (whether it’s a meal time or not) and I eat whatever I am hungry for whether that is a sandwich or a piece of cake. I listen to my body and stop eating when I’m full up (unless I consciously choose that I’m really enjoying this and I want to eat more), and I exercise maybe 3 times a week – one session of netball training and maybe 1 or 2 half hour runs, and my weight is stable and has been for some years. But what’s more, I have time to see my friends, my family isn’t worried sick about me, I have had the time to devote to dating a fabulous man and have recently married him, none of which I would have been able to do had I still been focused on exercise and food.

Forget about the labels, and focus on building a healthy relationship with food and exercise, one where it doesn’t rule your life.

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