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[QUOTE=nicole60614;4649391]I just stumbled upon this thread and it's given me a lot of hope. I have been abusing laxatives for probably about 7 years now. I have thought about quitting a few times but it has come to the point where I know I need to now. It seems like everyone has quit cold turkey but I am terrified of being completely "blocked up" with no bowel movement (which has happened if I don't take any lax for a day or two). Has anyone tried or known anyone who has successfully weened off? For those who have had a successful recovery, I was wondering what you have found to be the best things to eat/drink. I'm a vegan so already get plenty of fresh fruits & veggies so I'm afraid this will not be enough for my system to become regular again. I'd greatly appreciate any advice.


Hi nicole,

I just saw your reply in my email because i am subscribed to this thread as this is something that's very personal and important to me (overcoming lax abuse) and i really feel for the people who are also suffering from this.

I have been off of them (had a fall back, numerous ones in the past few years actually) since mid-summer 2010 now, and i can tell you i've been regular, my body is still working on getting everything back to healthy, but i dó have normal bowel movements without any support. as someone who abuses laxatives, you are used to getting EVERYTHING out as soon as possible, so it is a very scary thought to no longer do that, which is why i kept falling back constantly. but if you do not give your body time to get regular again, and you go back to abusing lax again after deciding that after a few days you are not regular yet, it will just keep getting worse. if you decide to quit the awful destructive laxatives, you need to go for it full throttle. it is what i did.

I will tell you how i did it.

i had a severe lax habbit, ranging from somewhere between 20 and 100 (sometimes even more) a day. i have a long history of eating disorders for about 15 years now, and the laxative abuse for me was part of my bulimic eating. but even when i wasnt binging, i'd take the laxatives because i simply was afraid to keep the food inside, and like you said, get all blocked up. you need to realise it is something you have told yourself and have gotten addicted to (i am sure you know this ;) just thinking out loud here) and something you got yourself into, you can get yourself out of again.

so what i did, i just quit them cold turkey, i already drank a lot of water but made sure i drank even more when i quit the laxatives, for obvious reasons.
i also realised how important it was for me to KEEP EATING, when quitting the laxatives. keep eating yes, but also quit the binging. Not eating and binging are both death to digestion, so i really paid attention to eating healthy, normal (not too big not too small) several meals a day, i think 6 meals are better than 3, to keep your bowels moving.

I already exercised often but the laxative abuse made me often exhausted, because i was so out of energy and completely dehydrated all the time. so when i quit the laxatives cold turkey, i kept on exercising, because i think it is extremely important to move, sweat, to keep everything going so to speak.

No over exercising though, that is a risk i forsee in people having disordered eating, when the laxatives fall away, you might want to try and expell the food through overexercising, but that will not work. right now you need to really give your body everything it needs, be kind to it, help it. your body does not respond well to excess anything, it doesn't like being tortured.

i too am a vegan, well i should say i am a vegetarian, as sometimes something like dairy slips into my diet, but i do eat mostly organic, and i won't eat meat poultry fish (basically any animal ;)) and things containing gelatin or rennet.
diet wise, i think eating lots of fruits and veggies is the way to go, not just to overcome lax abuse and restore your bowel functions, but always. but i see you are already doing that.

foods that are worth taking (not overconsuming though) are prunes and dates and dried figs. i ate only raw foods for a while and it did help me a lot with my bowel movements, but i realise everybody is different so it may not be for you, but definitely something to try.
I did over eat the dried figs and dates and prunes for a while, but those reallly made me go, big time.

about weight gain issues, that you are probably afraid of too.
the first week, you gain WATER weight, you do not gain actual fat (unless you are eating more food than you need, obviously) just by ditching the laxatives. your body holds onto the water when you first quit the laxatives, but this will pass, you need to allow your body to do this, and get through it. drink water, exercise (i used my stationary bike to do between 30 and 45 cardio a day - not more!) and i took nice long walks for like 45-60 minutes. i really believe in walking, the most natural exercise for us humans :) i started noticing a big change in my bowel movements when i became serious about daily walks.

all in all i believe it is quite simple to quit laxatives - THEORETICALLY! - i understand very well that the actual quitting is very hard on the mind as i went through it as well, but the actions one must take to quit, yes they are as simple as allowing your body to do its work. your body WANTS to be regular, it wants to be laxative free, it wants to regenerate, and it will if you allow it to do its work.

if you have any more questions, i'll try my best to help you.
i hope to hear from you how you are doing!

take care and good luck, you're not alone xxx

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