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It's great that you WANT to stop - that's the hardest part (took me a couple of years).

Don't try to stuff your face against what your mind is telling you.

Ana (or Alex) is all about control. That feeling that you are in control is lovely, so cater to that, but in a different way. Use a food journal - write down what you will eat in a day, and then do it. Make it healthy, nutritious food and try to reach the 1200 calories a day recommended. If it seems like a lot, push yourself. You have amazing willpower, and you can do it.

Find someone to help you. No former anorexics either! We can't help each other through this mess until we are completely better ourselves. Find someone who hasn't had an eating disorder, someone who can help you through this by listening to you when you need to talk.

Find an exercise/diet partner. Someone to make you feel normal, and get you comfortable with eating again.

Let your family know that treating you like you are an addict, or watching what you eat, or anything like that is unacceptable. You need to feel normal in this process, so that your brain will recognize eating as "okay". If you constantly have people on your back about eating, your brain will stay paranoid.

Don't give up!!! It's difficult. It's very difficult to tell yourself, "It's okay to eat. This is okay." But you are very strong, and you can do this. You can beat her.

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