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laxative abuse can cause dehydration . It also will cause you to have extremely painful muscle cramps. The last poster was correct, your teeth will be affected by purging so much. Your teeth will absess and this is extremely painful. Then the tooth dies, turns black , and brittle, eventually falling out of your mouth. Not only that you will end up having to have extensive , and evasive dental procedures and expensive dental procedures.
I know all to well , becaue I had anorexia/bulimia for years. Now I wear a partial that has fake teeth. I lost four of my front teeth. Plus I still have problems with stomach ulcers, and acid reflex.
About the laxatives, something else you need to be aware of, Having a ED messess up your electrolites. These are chemicals in your body that keeps you alive. Electrolytes imbalances can cause you to end up with brain damage and organ failure. You need to be tested for that , so you do not end up getting extremely ill, or die. More things : purging can lead to a ruptured esohogas. This can also kill you.
Gosh I could continue , about ED's and the health problems that arise from them, but I think you got the picture.

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