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The longer you have an eating disorder, the longer you will have it. If you keep with it long enough it is forever. You can modify and adjust behaviours and you can live with it but the disordered thinking never goes away. "Fat is not a feeling" is my mantra. I will be 42 in June and I have lived my life since I was 11 this way. There is a part of my brain that is always watching what I eat, my body appearance and talking me down. I have had numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations, I have spent thousands on food, laxatives, and many other thing this condition has told me I require. I was in physical remision in my late 20s and 30s for the most part but struggled with disordered thinking daily, hourly. I have in the last two weeks severly fallen off the purge wagon. My hope for you is this - find a therapist who rocks. Sometimes you go through many who suck. Work on this - because the worst is not the physical damage (tho it is bad, my teeth are a f-ing disaster area I cannot afford to fix) but the fatigue. To live focused on food an body all the time is tiring. Try to find something else.

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