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[QUOTE=lovingcarer;4728384]Hi, my gf is 22 and has suffered from anorexia as from 13 to 16 when she was hospitalised and sectioned.

I know it is an illness that never goes away and till recently between her parents and myself we have always been able to maintain her interest in healthy eating and though thin (UKsz6) she was healthy

Over the last month and probably trying to deal with the stress of university she has barely eaten. She has rejected all help and advice and distanced herself from her parents, myself and friends.

She is existing on 4 slices of toast per day with humous and thats it

visibly she has lost weight dramatically, looks pale, has little energy and I have noticed that her breath is starting to smell of acetone.

I am at my wits end to know what to do as she will not admit she has a problem..can anyone please advise me?[/QUOTE]

Hi, My name is Shelby I use to be anorexic, But I was only sick for about a year, But the truth is anorexics wont take your help if they don't want it, I really hope your girlfriend gets better, maybe you should talk to her about rehab facilities for the anorexic, tell her she needs help but maybe you've done all you can do. I hope this helps you in some way - Shelby

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