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Hello Everyone! I have been fighting an eating disorder since my early teenage years (a few years now). At first, I was a restricting anorexic. Now I find myself eating large amounts of food, but I am not gaining weight because:

1). I feel compelled to exercise daily
2). Sadly I do "Count"
3). I rarely eat anything but "healthy" foods

Additionally, I have a problem of not eating out of hunger. Even when I got to a pretty normal weight for my height, I always "planned" meals. What I was going to eat for that day (and the approx. amount) was determined ahead of time. My snacks were/are generally things that come in a sort of package. Although I have gotten past weighing most things, I feel strong urges to do so. This is especially true when trying new things. Ultimately, this is my biggest problem. I really do not know how to "eat" normally, or at least out of instinct. I've had a few "episodes" where I've eaten tremendous amounts of foods via binges on top of my daily intake. I do not want to develop a new bad habit, but could some rapid weight gain help my problems overall?

I hope someone can give me advice...especially about eating "normally"/out of hunger with "normal" portions and out of hunger.

Thank you!:)

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