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Firstly, let me say for ur weight/height u must have an amazing body. U should know that and digest it as a compliment. Know that u cannot be physically fat so if mentally u are telling urself that u don't like what u see then u need to reflect on that as the root of ur problem. If ur happy with the way u look- that's amazing! Maintenance doesn't have to take over ur life.

Now if u have only recently started purging PLEASE stop!!! It will take over ur life and u will soon not have any control. U do now so don't allow it.

I average with around 3000 calories a binge and I thought for years I had the secret to calorie free eating. Actually only 30%, 50% at max comes back up if u are six (and that's within the hour. Even less after) and a mere 10% if u use laxatives (and abuse ur body forever killing ur digestive system :( )

So my point is, binging makes u gain alot of weight. If u do ur own food shop don't buy these things. Write a list of what u needand don't budge from that list. No matter if any special offers! If not keep a food diary. Highlight any regrettable foods in pink (pink for think) and manage these over the days/weeks.

Hope this helps. I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that u take control and stop the binging.

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