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I'm currently being treated for bulimia, my therapist recommended a book "the rules of normal eating" while it has some good stuff in it, one thing that really irks me is that it says stuff like "your life isn't better just because your thin" or "being fat isn't all that bad" "it's okay to gain weight" etc, clearly this author has never been overweight because these are all a bunch of LIES....I'm not even underweight so it's not medically necessary for me to gain weight (most bulimics are a normal weight).

Yes I am terrified of getting fat but my fear is not entirely unfounded, I was "the fat kid" in class. I'm not kidding, I weigh the same as I did in second grade (I'm currently 5'3 120 lbs). At my heaviest I was 11 years old 4'9 152 lbs (that's ALOT for someone who is 4'9!). Alot of women with eating disorders the fat fear is all in their head, I really WAS heavy at one point in time. I was tormented by my classmates every single day even if I God forbid ate so much as an apple, I played by myself every single day, couldn't get the clothes I wanted, the only attention I'd get from boys was a hurtful remark, and I had virtually no friends. I spent four summers at fat camp trying to take care of the problem, I first went away from home when I was eleven and that was rough. I went for six weeks, a long time for an eleven year old. At fat camp the diet and exercise wasn't really the hard part, it was my fellow campers. See I was fat b/c I had a slow metabolism and big appetite (I never had that "childhood metabolism), they were fat due to psychiatric medications. They had severe emotional problems, personality and psychiatric disorders galore (that the camp was really not equipped to handle) so they made my time there a living hell. (Typical breeders dropping of their psychotic crotch dumplings where they don't belong so they can go on a carribean cruise).

I know this isn't PC but being thin DOES make your life better. I'm sorry but it does (I know b/c I've been on both ends of the spectrum), yes bulimia sucks but being fat is far worse. You get more friends, a more active social life, better boyfriends (or girlfriends), better clothes, and your more likely to get promotions at work. It's sad but true.

So really I pity the fool who dares to tell me that being fat isn't all that bad :mad:

Sorry I'm done my rant now, that book just really pissed me off I was seriously ready to chug that thing out the window!

Anyone else ever been told these lies?

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