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I want to make myself throw up. I'm a girl, I'm 5'3, and I'm [wince] 115 pounds. I know this isn't right. And I know what it feels like to get addicted to self harming activities. But lately I've been feeling reeeeaally bugged by my weight. I wish I was 90 pounds. I just want to be pretty. I want to be perfect. I've never purged before. Any advice for me to resist this urge? :/
I do have advice. The very fact that you know in your heart that this is not a good idea
can keep you from acting out on it. 115 pounds is a perfectly fine weight for your height.
How old are you, honey?
I suggest that you look up the side effects of purging. You will decide in a moment's time that it is HORRIBLE for your body, can damage so much.
I will tell you a secret. I am a grown woman (51) and there are some times where I think that I would like to have a glass of wine at night. Yet I know myself and I have very impulsive behavior, and I "feel" in my gut that this can be a slippery slope for me, so I don't drink at all. You are saying the same thing about purging. Be smart and don't do it.

blessings, Sue
All the advice I can give you is to not go down the path of making yourself throw up. it's an addicting and steep spiral that will only get worse. if you really feel bad about your body i would recoment just exercising a little more. nothing excessive but just like a short run every other day. it can do wonders I swear. I hope you don't go down the other route.. from experience i can tell you it will get very bad very fast. I hope you are doing okay if you need to talk to someone I'm here

xoxo Beeze
dont do it. believe me. i know how easy it is. you are full, you wish you hadnt eaten so much. it would be so easy just to get rid of the food. it would just take back the mistake. Believe me that is the worst thing you could do. i know from experience it becomes a never ending cycle. i did it once too. i figured it was just once. i figured it was ok. it took over my life. the best thing you could do is get help. talk to people- a friend, a family member, a doctor- and get help. work on your body image. to be happy you dont need to lose weight. it will never be enough. to be happy you need to love your body. you can get there. im not there yet but people are. please get help. trust me. its not worth starting. i am in a huge recovery process that is miserable and painful. i will be happy with my body though. and so will you

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