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[QUOTE=boy of misery;4983729]I had been suffering from anorexia for years. My lowest weight was 99 lbs, and my height 5'8.

Should I expect permanent damages to the vital organs and endocrine system at that weight?[/QUOTE]

Damage yes, but it's hard to say what kind of permanent damage.

I had to have my gallbladder removed because I ate no fat and lost the weight very quickly. My gastric ulcer and acid reflux are also permanent.

Heart- -I can not do cardio because I have low blood pressure. My bones are getting arthritis and that's freaking me out! I don't want to get a bone scan because I am afraid to know.

Brain- I have anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and that's still after I have been weight restored for two years.

If you talk to people with Ed's on-line you will notice that some break their paragraphs into smaller sections because it's hard to concentrate.

Probably not permanent: my nails still turn blue when it's cold, I get cold sweats at night, my metabolism has slowed down, digestive problems, hair falls out (this is after two years of being weight restored)

I remember when my gastro doctor said I had permanent damage. I walked out of the office so happy because that meant that I never had to try to recover. I was already damaged -what was the point? After that I relapsed and my health got worse.

It's been almost a year since the doc said it was permanent and it's been really hard to accept because there is so much guilt.

I really hope that you don't wait until you hear that there is damage to work on recovery. Have you been to the doctor?

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