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Hello there, I just found this site and although I am not really sure what is wrong with me if anything at all I am hoping all your personal experiences could point me in the right direction!
To cut a long story short I had a Gastric Band for 7 years and lost TOO much weight too quickly ( 100 lbs in 3 months ) and since then I have just not been 'right'. I regained about 30 lbs but then the vomiting started and it just has not stopped.
I had the band finally removed 2 months ago after a lot of arguing with my surgeon who did not want it removed because it would mean I would be marked up as a failure against the banding method!
I vomit EVERY single thing I try and eat apart from Rice Krispies. I have been like this for over 5 years BUT my weight does NOT change at all, not even so much as 1 lb.
I have had a 'magic eye' (camera down the throat) and there is nothing at all stopping me from eating. I have seen a psychiatric nurse who suggested a food phobia and that Rice Krispies had become a 'safe food' and she suggested that I look at pictures of food to over come this!!!!
I am not worried about gaining weight at all, when I did lose the 100 lbs I looked awful but now I am honestly happy with the way I look and feel and this is why I believe it can't be Bulimia although I could very well be incorrect, I have NO knowledge of eating disorders!
I WANT to eat, I crave 'proper' food but each time I swallow the first bite no matter how much I have chewed it, it just comes back up.
I am hitting brick walls with my medical teams, they are just handing out anti depressants to me and passing me along to someone else in the chain.
If any of you have experienced anything like this or know of someone who has gone through this I really would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post!

Broken x

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