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Re: Laxative abuse
Mar 6, 2013
I have finally decided after 20 years of laxative abuse that it's time to get off them. I am so tired of being sick and my stomach hurting to the point where it is really affecting everything around me, but I am so scared of what it's gonna be like. I read where everyone says to go cold turkey but I think I want to wean off them slower and hope I don't have the side effects as bad. I am going to go get fiber pills and start eating more fiber, which has been such a taboo for me, cuz it's always caused so much more pain and bloating. I am drinking water for the first time ever for me. I WANT THIS SO BAD but I am so scared.. I have never told anyone this before and I am tired of my kids and husband always questioning me and telling me I need to go to the dr to find out what's wrong with me...

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